Scenes from Milnrow Screen Saver
"Scenes of Milnrow" screen saver is now available for download.
Because there are some large images this is quite a large file
(download = 1.47M). Best installed on a system with a 1024x768 resolution.

Xtra-Scenes from Milnrow Screen Saver
More images. 820k.
More images Carnival 2000. 1M.
More images Carnival 2000. 900k.
More "Scenes of Milnrow" images.

AVI / MPEG player Screen Saver
What can I say? It's a screen saver that plays a list of .AVI or .MPG files. So you can add you favourite movie clips and play then as a screensaver. This download includes a sample AVI (Dancing baby) (1MB).

Program Launcher 95
Are you fed up of having a cluttered desktop full of icons? Program Launcher allows you to start you favourite programs by keeping together up to 100 icons in one place. Starting an application from Launcher is easy, double click on an icon and the executable related to it will run. You can add icons manually from 'properties' or you can simply drag'n'drop EXE files from Windows Explorer and Launcher will set itself up for you.
You can hide Launcher by clicking on the tray icon, and you can make it become visible again by clicking the tray icon again. It can be made to 'stay on top' and much more. (380k)